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PostSubject: Character Skeleton!   Character Skeleton! I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2008 2:07 am

Basic Details

Name: Family, Given (Last Name [comma] First Name)

Alias: Do they have an alias?

Age: Within human reason, please.

Race: Quincy, Hollow, Shinigami, Mod Souls, Human, and Bounto

Gender: Please keep this simple for us.

Height: Please give in imperial measurements (feet and inches).

Hometown: Should also affect their name due to their race. If you’re American born and bred, you’re not going to have a name like “Taro”.


Further Details

Appearance: Please be detailed with this. At least 200 words. If you have a picture, that will serve as well as the image. Please make sure you post all images in a link format rather than as an image form, seeing as pictures stretch the page ridiculously.

Talents: Do they have any special talents? Cooking? Dancing? Persuasion? List and describe here.

Personality: At least 200 words n What makes your character tick? What do they normally act like? Are their actions affected by specific reactors? Is their alignment good, neutral or evil? At the same time, are they lawful or chaotic? Consider all these when writing the profile.

Sexual Preference: Bi, Gay, Straight



Weapons: A Human cannot wield a Zanpakuto or a magical weapon, unless they are a Quincy, in which case, they still cannot wield a Zanpakuto.

Accessories: Things you carry around with you of particular importance. A bracelet? A picture? Just put whatever here.



Please list your abilities here. The limit for humans is three base abilities. However, expansions and upgrades can be bought for them, meaning that you can work your way up with them. Humans are incapable of using Kido.



Background: The history of your character. This has a 400 word minimum requirement and won't be accepted if it's short of that figure. Please be imaginative with this, we hate clichés.

Sample RP: Make it damn good. 200 words minimum

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Character Skeleton!
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